The Storm

After the Storm is a fascinating and urgent intervention into the state of the British economy, from the heart of the coalition government.
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“The only British politician to emerge from the credit crunch a star”- Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times

“The best book you can read to understand what on earth is going on out there”- Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times

“Vincent Cable is the star of Newsnight's credit-crunch discussions, the go-to guy for a sagacious economics quote for broadsheets' front-page leads and the man whom Tory Alan Duncan described as "the holy grail of economic comment” these days”- Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times

“A heavyweight in anybody's cabinet”- The Times

“Everything a politician should be and everything most politicians are not”- Jeff Prestridge, Mail on Sunday

“An urgent, admirably clear book”- Nick Cohen, Observer



  • Moving from the Financial Crisis to Sustainable Growth

    Centre Forum (2011)Download PDF
  • Globalisation : A Liberal Response

    In Centre Forum (2007)Download PDF
  • Tackling the Fiscal Crisis: A Recovery Plan for the UK

    Reform (2009)Download PDF