Open arms

Open arms is an explosive thriller which circles from Whitehall to the slums of Mumbai. Cable's sweeping tale combines unrivalled political detail with international intrigue, desire, and the quest for power. An electrifying debut.

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Vince’s recent books include

  1. Partnership and Politics in a Divided Decade (The Real Press, 2022)
  2. How to be a Politician (Ebury/Penguin, 2022)
  3. The Chinese Conundrum (Alma Press, 2021)
  4. Money and Power (Atlantic, 2021)
  5. Open Arms (Corvus, 2016) A political thriller
  6. After the Storm (Atlantic, 2015)
  7. The Storm (Atlantic, 2010) about the financial crisis
  8. Free Radical (Atlantic, 2009) a biography


  • Moving from the Financial Crisis to Sustainable Growth

    Centre Forum (2011)Download PDF
  • Globalisation : A Liberal Response

    In Centre Forum (2007)Download PDF
  • Tackling the Fiscal Crisis: A Recovery Plan for the UK

    Reform (2009)Download PDF